What a great day of fellowship!

Following on from the excellent start we had yesterday, Christian Fuhrer led morning devotions, continuing the camp theme of ‘Peace’. The word peace is a positive term and is mentioned 420 times in the Bible.  There are also 59 brass band pieces with the word peace and 123 Salvation Army songs. Christian said that he often consults his Salvation Army Music Index App for spiritual inspiration: samusicindex.com

The Bandsmen and Songsters continued to practice in preparation for Sunday’s Festival.

The band practiced ‘Marching in the Light’, a rhapsody of four African Christian songs: ‘We are marching in the light of God’, ‘Kum ba yah’, ‘Zulu Air’ and ‘What the Lord has done’, written by Erik Silfverberg and ‘Awesome’ (from the Australian Southern Territory), written by Brian Hogg and based on the words: ‘He heals me when I’m broken, gives strength when I am weakened. Forever he will reign, come on say my God is awesome’.

The beginners practiced two pieces from the ‘First Things First’ brass series, the march ‘God is Good! by Andrew Blyth and ‘Alleluia’ by Derick Kane.

Meanwhile, the songsters continued rehearsals of:
Spirit of Life’ by David Catherwood, gospel song ‘I feel like praisin’ Him!’, by Clifford C Yearwood and arranged by William Rollins, ‘Trust in the Lord’, Peter and Hanneke Jacobs, arranged by Andrew Wicker,‘God, Great God’, words and music by Kurt Carr. Alfred and Joseph led the rehearsals for: ‘Timuimbire Timuimbire Inu Ambuye’ and ‘Nthawi Yolapira Ndi Ydmweyl’

During the afternoon delegates took part in a number of workshops:

1. Conducting for Beginners led by Gerold Ritter and Phips Stettler.
2. Music Theory for Beginners led by Jayne Moore and Monika Meier.
3. Music Theory: Scales, Intervals, Cadences and Rhythm led by Daniel Bates.
4. Brass Technique led by John Moore.

We were all looking forward to the Malawian evening which delivered on its promise and provided a fantastic evening of traditional song and dance including: ‘Onani Maluwa Nbl Mitengo Kuwala’ and ‘Tikuyimbae Tonsefe Tikuyimbae’.

Finally, Martin Steck, a member of the Swiss/UK team, started his journey home to Switzerland this morning.  We wish him a safe journey and our heartfelt thanks for all the fabulous photos he produced of days 1 and 2 of the Music Camp.

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